How to Consolidate Federal Student Loan

Very first, determine if you are eligible to consolidate. You'll want at least one Direct Loan or Federal Loved ones Education Loan in repayment, deferment, or grace standing. You can't consolidate if you're still in college.

Decide if direct student loans consolidation is right for your scenario. While it will lower your monthly loan repayment, it will extend the life of the mortgage to 30 years. You will pay significantly more interest on the consolidation loan than you would otherwise. The fixed interest rate assigned to your consolidation loan is really a weighted average of the interest rates you need to consolidate.

Evaluate other options. Federal student loans have deferment and forbearance options that may delay your monthly payment. For long term debt settlement, deferment may be the best decision. Also think about other repayment options. The monthly payment of your Federal education loan has several options. Income-contingent plans, graduated payment, and standard payment plans are available.

If direct student loans consolidation is the right choice for the Federal student loans, and you want to consolidate an immediate Loan or a Direct PLUS Loan, visit the actual Federal Loan Consolidation website, given at the bottom of the article.