Why Opt For Student Loan Consolidation?

For those who have several federal educational debts, chances are, you find it hard to repay your debts through normal repayment methods.

In this instance, you can look into consolidating your loan like a method of repaying your debts in a much more comfortable way.

What are the benefits of consolidating your own educational debts?
  • You can have a fixed interest rate that won't have future rate increases
  • Direct Student loan consolidation will extend your repayment term to as much as 30 years and let you pay a lower payment
  • What types of college debt can be combined?
  • All federal debts
  • FFELP (PLUS, Stafford, SLS)
  • Others such as HEAL, NSL, FISL, Guaranteed Student Loans, Direct and Medical expert Student Loans, Perkins, etc.
What if you possess a private educational lender?

Private educational lenders can be consolidated which depends upon the lender. Private lenders have their very own debt consolidating policies. You can always contact your lender to go over your options for repayment.

Sometimes it is smart to check with the lending company if they have repayment options that you could avail of. Some lenders actually offer alternative repayment plans that permit your debt obligations to be lowered so it's not necessary to go for debt consolidation services.

Before deciding in order to consolidate, you also have to compute your rate of interest. Interest rates for college loan consolidation are computed to find the weighted average. This average is rounded up towards the nearest 1/8 but should not go over 8. 25 % per annum.